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Why Calisthenics?

calisthenics May 26, 2023

 Why is calisthenics so beneficial?


  1. It hits those deep stabilizing muscles in your core that give you ultimate body control. 
  2. It addresses your pelvis which has the greatest mechanical influence over your entire body! 
  3. IT'S FUN!


Calisthenics is SO MUCH MORE than the tricks. While traditional weight lifting is mainly focused on building those “sexy muscles,” calisthenics adds mobility training, kinesthetic sense, body awareness, neuromuscular coordination, air awareness, muscle balance & postural alignment.


When you think about calisthenics, your mind might go straight to those advanced skills like a handstand or human flag, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Before training those advanced skills, calisthenics is the ultimate functional fitness program that addresses total body control, joint health, mobility and flexibility, balance, and access to those deep stabilizing muscles in your hips and core. It is SO MUCH MORE THAN THE TRICKS!!


Although the tricks are pretty cool too. :)

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