Salt City Calisthenics: Crash Course in Handstands

The Ultimate Crash Course Anyone Can Use To Master The Handstand In Under 90 Days...


Regardless of your age!


Here's a sneak peek of what's inside this course:

  • The #1 reason why adult gymnasts can't seem to do a handstand no matter how HARD they try.  
  • The biggest MISCONCEPTION people have when they're learning how to do a handstand.
  • The honest TRUTH about achieving a handstand and why it can be so much easier than imagined. 
  • The same "push-pull" technique I teach my students on how to balance a handstand like a PRO.
  • My three step fail-proof method for cartwheeling out of a handstand SAFELY.
  • The 15 best exercises, stretches, and drills you need to SPEED UP your progress.  
  • And SO much more...
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