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A fitness app that will get you both strong AND flexible!

'Move Like A Gymnast'
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  • STRENGTH workouts with the exact exercises you NEED to improve your handstands, calisthenics skills & gymnastics and/or aerial tricks!
  • BUILT-IN PROGRESSIONS so no matter which level you are, you will know exactly what to do for each exercise.
  • COMPRESSION TRAINING multiple times each week to make sure you develop those "squeeze" muscles to help you stay inverted!
  • FLEXIBILITY routine(s) that will get you those splits and bridges so you can do all of the fun calisthenics & gymnastics tricks!
  • EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Dumbbells, exercise bands, paralettes & TRX. Optional: rings (although highly recommended for calisthenics training)
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If you want to improve your hand-balancing, gymnastics and/or aerial tricks-- you MUST be training like a gymnast!! Equal parts strength and flexibility and A LOT of compression training! Join our 'Move Like A Gymnast' fitness app and watch how quickly your skills improve!

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