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If you want to move like a gymnast, you gotta train like one!



Are you ready to kickstart your journey towards strength and flexibility, even if you're a total beginner?

Meet 'Move Like a Gymnast,' the ultimate app designed to empower anyone, regardless of age or current fitness level, to move better and build gymnast strength.

If you've ever dreamed of mastering adult gymnastics, exploring aerial arts, or perfecting your yoga arm-balances, this app is KEY! Think of it as your personal gatekeeper to the world of moving with grace & power.

With 'Move Like a Gymnast,' you'll not only develop the strength and flexibility of a gymnast but also gain the confidence to take on new challenges like an adult gymnastics or aerial arts class with total confidence!!

  • 4x/week strength routine each week (2 upper and 2 lower body days.) 
  • Full body flexiblity routine each week to get you closer to those front splits, middle splits, pancake & bridge. 

Equipment Needed:
Pull-up bar or rings, exercise bands (or cable machine) & dumbbells.


"Best trainer! Amber is awesome. She designs workouts that really push you to meet your goals but are fun! She has great energy and knows her stuff!"


Natalie N.